• Silent Echoes – Notre Dame
    Silent Echoes – Notre Dame

    Two interviews with Bill Fontana about his sound sculpture in Paris.

  • HBK Intro
    HBK Intro

    The intro graphic for all HBK videos

  • HBK 2255 SLM Presentation
    HBK 2255 SLM Presentation

    The final and revealing video in a series of un-revealing teasers about the new sound level meter.

  • HBK 2255 SLM Teaser
    HBK 2255 SLM Teaser

    One of the unrevealing teasers before 2255 was released. This one covers the needs of being able to measure the LF noise (generated by your neighbour).

  • HBK 2255 SLM teaser
    HBK 2255 SLM teaser

    A unrevealing teaser that was made before the 2255 release. The pattern demonstrates the movements done with the SLM during measurements.

  • Be the Ice Sculpturer
    Be the Ice Sculpturer

    Final Project at School of Motion

  • Scrap-book Elvis
    Scrap-book Elvis

    Semi-Final project for School of Motion

  • Ministry of Eye Control
    Ministry of Eye Control

    School of Motion project

  • Circle Society rocks
    Circle Society rocks

    School of Motion project

  • BrainHole

    School of Motion project

  • Pool nüdl fight
    Pool nüdl fight

    A School of Motion project

  • Nüdl

    A School of Motion project

  • Dreidel Cowblast
    Dreidel Cowblast

    A School of Motion project

  • The Making of Accelerometer Type 4527
    The Making of Accelerometer Type 4527

    In this video I made everything from start to finish.

  • Evolution of hearing Simulation – Part 2
    Evolution of hearing Simulation – Part 2

    Made all pre-production, filmed, edited and 2D and 3D animated – and all sound work.

  • The legendary Doughnut
    The legendary Doughnut

    3D animation made from scratch with Blender. Total beginner thingy.

  • Dancing Furball
    Dancing Furball

    Playing around with Cinema 4D

  • Circles

    Just a small project I created for fun.

  • The making of a microphone
    The making of a microphone

    This video shows the making of a microphone Type 4966, which is one of the most popular microphones from Brüel & Kjær. Shooting the video took way longer than expected because a lot of the processes need to be done in a special order and in a special way and that needed thorough planning. I…

  • Team Server intro animation
    Team Server intro animation

    An animated intro for the series of Team Server how-to videos made for Brüel & Kjær.

  • Intro for calibrator video
    Intro for calibrator video

    B&K needed a video explaining how to perform a calibration check on a microphone. Apart from filming and editing the video itself, I designed and animated the intro.

  • Brüel & Kjær outro animation
    Brüel & Kjær outro animation

    An outro animation used in most of B&K’s videos.

  • BK Connect Data Management
    BK Connect Data Management

    An animated how-to & promotion video for BK Connect Data management.

  • Introducing SLM 2245
    Introducing SLM 2245

    A short SoMe video to emphasize the highlighted features of the new sound level meter 2245.

  • Evolution of hearing simulation – Part 1
    Evolution of hearing simulation – Part 1

    The part 1 of a mini-documentary about the evolution of hearing simulation.

  • 1100 Channels
    1100 Channels

    Brüel & Kjær made a 1100-channel measurement to show customers and competitors that they could. My challenge was to create a video about it and make it look interesting… challenge accepted.

  • Earth animation
    Earth animation

  • Sound & vibration days 2018
    Sound & vibration days 2018

    Event video filmed at Sound & Vibration days held at BMW Welt in München in May 2018.

  • Accelerometer mounting check
    Accelerometer mounting check

    B&K wanted to create a video for the users on how to perform a mounting check on accelerometers.

  • Introducing HF HATS 5128
    Introducing HF HATS 5128

    This video introduces the key features of the new HF HATS 5128. A revolutionary manikin designed for realistic in situ electroacoustic tests on, for example, smartphones, headsets, audio conference devices, microphones, headphones, hearing aids and hearing protectors.

  • The story of sound
    The story of sound

    Animated visuals for the sound montage representing the story of sound.

  • Operational Modal Analysis
    Operational Modal Analysis

    A video that explains how operational modal analysis works.

  • Structural health monitoring
    Structural health monitoring

    A video to show how structural health monitoring works.

  • Big Verner
    Big Verner

    A short documentary about Big Verner who has lived in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, for the last 40 years. Sixteen years ago he opened “Store Verner’s mini antikvariat”, but with the consumers decreasing interest in tangible reading material he runs the bookstore with a loss. Now he’s retiring, and his early retirement fund won’t allow him to…

  • Bad Laundry music video
    Bad Laundry music video

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